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About The yantra

Be Blessed And Have A Fortunate Marriage With Sheegra Vivah Yantra

A Yantra is a magical source of energy, working in a positive way to attract casual energies. This energy is necessary for creating the desired result by its owner. The Sheegra Vivah Yantra is a very influential Yantra. It is a blend of four different yantras. It is believed by the ancient sages that God incarnates in the Yantra. All unmarried girls can worship this yantra on a regular basis to find a suitable match.

Significance of Sheegra Vivah Yantra

The Sheegra Vivah Yantra is to worship the divine power to get the desired partner of your life.

  • The specialty of this yantra is to get you married.
  • If you love someone and are facing difficulty to get married, then this yantra is going to help you.
  • The Sheegra Vivah Yantra will work as a miracle and will result in you in quick marriage and bonding.
  • If parents are interfering, or there are some other problems, then not to worry as the Sheegra Vivah Yantra will solve all your problems.
  • You will get groom or bride of your choice.
  • It will specially radiate massive power on you.
  • Due to the karmic obstruction, the process of the marriage gets delayed. The problem will be solved by Sheegra Vivah Yantra.
  • By regular puja of the Sheegra Vivah Yantra, you will have a fruitful marriage.

Ways to worship

Proper worship should be done keeping in mind that you have to do your duty. It is your choice to do proper worship of the divine. If you worship the Yantra with your inner belief and conviction, then you will get a fruitful result. When you respect and worship the Yantra, it will radiate a power that is very powerful and will help your desires to come true. This is a special prayer that will be made in your name to get you the right marriage partner at the perfect time. This puja will be specially performed for you.


  • Before 9 am on Friday morning, the girl should install it in their home.
  • The girl should be wearing a green color dress.
  • You should burn a diya with a silver lamp pouring ghee in it in front of the yantra on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Leaving Tuesdays and Fridays, the rest of the days incense should be placed.
  • You have to offer flowers to the yantra after morning bath.
  • Place incense and offer flowers in the evening after washing your hands, feet, and mouth.
  • To find the right partner, you should chant the mantra, “Om Devemdrani Namastubyam Devendra priyabhamini Vivaha Bhagyam Arogyam Sreeghra labhincha Dehime” while waving incense.
  • These prayers of yours will yield the desired result in 90 days.

Geometrical Importance

The Sheegra Vivah Yantra has many geometrical complex patterns like square, circles, lotus and triangle. In the center, it has six interlocking triangles. Inside the triangle, there is an OM figure in it. The entire figure is surrounded by broken lines as an outer boundary that is representing the sanctuary that has paths to the various sides of the universe. The triangle is representing the unity of male and female. The OM inside the six-point star represents in peace and serenity.

When and who should use it

Anyone wants to get married can use the Sheegra Vivah Yantra. Any man or woman can use the yantra for a blissful marriage. Those who are having a problem in finding the right partner can worship the Yantra and remove all the obstacles from their life. Anyone who is facing any obstacle in their life can pray this yantra and avail its benefits.

Benefits Of yantra

If you worship the Sheegra Vivah Yantra truly, you will obtain many benefits from it.

  • All marriage obstacles will be eliminated from your life.
  • Both male and female can avail this power of the Yantra to find success in marriage.
  • You will see that a deep bond of understanding is developing between you and your partner.
  • Your marriage will be a success.
  • It will result in quick marriage.
  • All complexities in your marriage by any source will vanish from your life.
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